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Monday, March 05, 2007

Closing In

"...Sometimes the person who needs help the most is the last person to ask for it."
- Shannon Leone Fowler
Confession #2 - Most of the time I really do need help, but am far beyond stubborn to ask for it. Chalk it up to my stubborn nature or maybe even just my lack of the ability to process everything as fast as I'd like...I just plain am in need. A lot of the times I should be able to do something but I'm too caught up in my little web of lies to admit I was wrong. I even attempt to put on this faux, everything together act; despite my acting background, I'm rather bad at this.

Truth be told, with the exception of the occasional moment of clarity---my life is a complete mess. I really need to work on that.


The Overworked Barista said...

I can't wait
To be with you
No I just can't sit still,
Are we there yet?
Takes me back,
I remember
Such a magical place
It was all you...

Closing in
I hope that you make it
Closing in
I hope that you find your way

Frame by frame,
Red speed ahead
A city dissolving,
The threat of your love in the headlights
Is it safe now?
Will your arms be open?
I just have to kiss you,
Try and stop me

Closing in
I hope that you make it
Closing in
I hope that you find your way
Closing in
It’s all that I want in the whole world
Closing in
Please be there, please be there

What are you like?
Where did you get to?
No word no nothing
You didn't hold me, for any longer
Did you walk for the fear of love?
Or don't you believe enough?
Well I'll cover both of us
You can leave that to me!

Closing in
I hope that you make it
Closing in
I hope that you find your way
Closing in...closing in...

Closing In - Imogen Heap

kat said...

i promise i won't end up in ohio.
i promise.
thanks for the birthday wishes, yo.

hey, boy.
i wish i could tell you that if you need help then i'm there for you, but i'm not really... but if you ever need someone to vent you know you've got my email as well as my IM...

but this isn't a pity comment. i wish to be in touch with you still! sorry that i never try to be in contact. i'm sure you know how it goes.

grey squirrel said...

Hold on. There's help around. People care about you, you know. Your life doesn't have to be a one-man show.

Ryan said...

thats pretty rad lyrics man

I appreciate your continued honesty in your emails and blogs. anything to have your back dude you got it.

The Overworked Barista said...

Layne - I know that I have help around me, until recently I never really asked for it even though it was there for so long.

Ryan - Aren't they, it has an unusual sense of movement and is oddly spiritual despite it's secular content from what I know.

Kat - Good. Ohio isn't particularily wonderful most of the year (except for an amazing three weeks in late august where it is beautiful) I know, I understand. I really want to be more committed to staying in contact but I'll forget to respond once and it will drift to the back of my mind. People say that keeping in contact isn't hard, but that's a real load. They obviously never worked with YWAM.

Berni said...

Thank you for stopping by and leaving birthday wishes.

I think I understand how you feel about asking for help, I know that if I ask for help it is with the knowledge that given advice I will be expected to act on it, and probably I will not want to.

As far as your life being in a real mess that is a good starting point, most people never realize that their life is in a mess and keep muddling through.

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