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Thursday, June 07, 2007

I thought you all left!

The funny thing about when I don't update my seems like at that point everyone starts to finally read it. Now I know blogging shouldn't be about getting people to read what you have to say, it's kind of like a diary, but more public...or at least mine tends to be that way. That said it is really nice when you get viewers from all over!At the moment though I am playing around with my computer trying to solve some issues for my camera, in addition to starting a second job working nights at the mustard seed.

Hello Korea! Prince George, BC! Kettering! Kitchener! Germany! and last but not least Brooklyn...who do I know in Brooklyn. Well, welcome. Do not be frightened by my grammar, or especially the weight this entry carries with all it's darn commas.

I'm coming back soon.


grey squirrel said...

good. I was getting bored reading about jury duty. But at least I hear more than what makes it on this blog...;) punk.

Berni said...

I have been away on vacation so have not been blogging. I expect I will have a big drop in visitors.

I am glad you got your finals behind you that must be a relief.

grey squirrel said...

"I'm coming back soon."

I'll believe that when I see it!