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Friday, April 14, 2006

Alas, Dreams are things we're made of.

Day Thirty - Five


Dreams are weird, because I hear about them all the time but I don't have them. Not the pysical ---HELP ME THE THREE-HEADED MONKEY IS EATING MY---OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS, THAT WAS SO GORRAM REAL! ---kinda dreams. I have the, It would be great to do this, kinda dreams. Now if I could I would fancify this mess with lots of italics, but evil mac of doom lacks the technology to allow me to do such. Darn Safari. I do have the latter. Which is healthy, I suppose. Granted, I wouldn't mind the former. this is just forming word diarhea on the screen.

I do have something relatively important to say though...I am so broken. Mentally and physcially broken. I still haven't sent the application in, because I'm not sure if that's supposed to be. Everything is just, tearing me out, inside, upside-down, and over. It isn't healthy...I know that much. I snap easily right now. For lack of a better word I guess you could say I was a bit too brittle. Like circles on the paper. Round and round, over and over, eventually breaking through, where all your left with is these holes. I feel like swiss-cheese dangit.

If only god would wanted a reuban, I'd be perfect. Grill me oh, might-y grill-smiting-person thing.

So...pray for me. Please? I like chedder better than swiss anyways.


Ashley Keen said...

JoshJosh. I believe in you, and I believe that not only do you have what it takes to get the things done you want to accomplish, but you can do them better than anyone else who set their mind to the task. Why? Because God wants them to be done my Josh Miller. :) And that's how they're going to get done, eh?

So remembers when you feel broken, that Jesus heals. Mentally and Physically but first, Spritually. So yeah. *sends love and muffins*

And also, visit me. :)

The Overworked Barista said...

Ya know what...the muffins I made came out with funny shaped tops. DO you know how to make the rounded topped ones?

...cause if ya do, FEED ME with knowledge =D

Back to relevance, I think it's just that recently I feel like my mind is slipping.