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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Options create CHAOS.

I've lost count of the days for this entry. I will go back and redo it, it's probably the most obsessive compulsive thing I've stuck to these days.


I should be asleep. It's 11:20, and tommorrow is my physical test. That sounds just like it is, I get to go out to our wellness clinic and they get to test just how healthy I really am. It's part of committing to something and attempting to stay to it the best I can. This case is a really off one. I committed to moving. The real get up and go kind, I committed to get off my arse every day. Heck, I've gotten up at a respectable hour this past week and have been going to bed (for me) very early.

Here's another odd thing I've noticed. I want to know more about cooking...add to that, I want to learn more about cooking from an actual school! Yet, I still don't want to really run or own a restaurant. I just want to make things that good people will come to get, and I'll get that chance to chat and share. I want regulars. I want relationships built through good food and good word. I want to put a heart into what I'm making and show them...heck I can make some pretty gorram good scones. I blame a recent obsession with Food Network. Now for the real kicker...I was looking at schools in Vancouver. WAY out of my price range...for now.


I'm kind of back at one step at a time.

Wouldn't life be easier if there was just a big glaring sign hovering above your head that maybe you couldn't see but every else could. That way if you didn't know what you wanted, maybe somebody else did.

Then I would give them a Pumpkin Apricot Scone.

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grey squirrel said...

Welcome to my world of options and chaos. Vancouver's still a good idea, if you can get the money or find something a little cheaper. And if you could team up with Jen we'd know there was a coffee shop with good food. Though you're probably thinking of more than cookies and scones.

Still praying.