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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Funny Thing about Memories.

In all honesty, memories are my downfall. They are the controller to my emotions. They determine how I react, how I think, and how I know when something is right. When I can turn them off though, rare as that may be, I can truly be at peace. Right now, I'm at peace. I have no job, I have just enough money to get by. I am wearing a three dollar shirt from savers (a mexico soccer shirt #89) and above all of it I feel great.

Funny, eh? I've missed people, honest to god, just missed people. Oh, the angst. Anyways. These past few days have been productive, yet good. On Sunday, I had one of the longest drives of my life by myself. I also tried to learn some French. I think I could hold a very short confusing conversation (by myself) now, although it would be impossible with regular french speakers (So fast!). The day after me and Adam Roadtripped it up to Mines-o-ta. Where we are now shacking it up with Laura and Her Peeps.

Then on Tuesday, a long day might I add...we ate more than any two men should actually have to eat. It started with breakfast. Simple as it may be, I ate at about 8:00, then ate some more toast when Laura and Adam got up at around 11:00 (which they are still not up as I type this might I add. Lazy Arse...) We started our interesting and adventurous day. First up, Canoeing! We explored her lake, then her little mini-river where she showed us her fort that she used to hide in when she was a kid with a rifle and shoot unspecting runners in the feet. Twisted, but I guess everyone has their own personal kicks. Then we rowed back, where we tempted fate by suggesting it would be interesting to dump the boat over (thank god we didn't). the zoo! Which was fully entertaining, especially considering it was a very lame zoo in which the most interesting item of the zoo was the one giraffe who had an infactuation with the concrete wall. He brought a new art to crazy licking. Then he ramped it up a notch as if to show it off more. Followed by the zoo (which Laura secretly despised because she worked at the dipping dot's booth for one day next to a dead bird) we had...meal #3. Now I knew we would have to eat when we went home, because I was up when Laura's mom was prepping Japanese style fried chicken, but it didn't stop us from going to buffalo wild wings (affectionately known as b-dubs) where I had the fast food equivalent of what we would have for dinner later (asian zing, a very kick-arse flavor might I add).

Post this adventure it was a journey back to the house, where chilling and guitar-playing was done. Followed by an invite to bible study with Jessa (and what we found out was meal # 4). Me and Adam---and Laura until she tried to run me over with a van---played a rambunctous game of basketball. Apparantly you aren't supposed to rocket the ball into the woods past the hoop with my amazing shots of gravity-defying klutziness. Go figure. I met Laura's younger brother (the invisible teenager) for about three seconds where he then dissappeared. Off to our next adventure with Laura off to work. The bible study. DUM DUM DUM! We were told there was just snacks. JUST SNACKS. Instead we had Italian-sausage stuffed baby portobello's with Hot Deigo's (an italian open faced burger) followed by fruit and all the (deliciously fresh) swedish fish we could muster. We also had worship, and despite the fact I can't really sing...I really enjoyed it. Good worship doesn't happen that often anymore for me. THEN. We went to visit Laura at her work, for Chai Tea Lattes and ice cream samples (an in between snack before the battle of meal # 5). Off we go, and there she is ready to heat it up for us, Laura's sweetheart of a mom, how could we deny. We tackled it like champs. I actually prayed over the food silently that my stomach wouldn't turn on me. It was really good too. Following it all after Laura returned---with our two favorite ice cream flavors in pints.

Churning of the stomach has a new meaning now. Yet it was all so good, even though I never in my life want to eat that much again.

Artist of the Day - Sam "Leslie" Phillips - I'm finally getting back to these things. Today's Artist or this blog's artist as I may update later, is Sam Phillips. Known for her work on Gilmore Girl's as well as various movies Sam or Leslie Phillips started her career as a christian pop singer. Now sadly, she did fall away from that, but by being burned by label complications. She did however change and fall into a very relaxed folk style. Her husky voice is a beautiful companion to her varied use of instruments (mostly acoustic) melodic driven lyrics, and sweet reflections on the world.

Suggest Albums - "A boot and a shoe" and "Fan Dance"

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