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Friday, August 01, 2008

Hello World. (on how I became an uncle)

Hello world.

Elowen Ann B.

Seven Pounds, Eleven Ounces, wow.

You're here! Finally. It's been a long nine months I'd say. You look like your mom and your grandpa...and you have the family eyes.

I guess this means life moves on even when you're stalling. It's safe to say that's what your uncle has been doing. I hope when I get to know you, I'll be a better person. I'm not a fan of this life I've been living. The just enough mentality. I'm going to change for you. A more together person. One who shows you God's uncountable love with everything I do. I promise to work on all those messes I keep getting in. It'll be a while, and it'll be hard...but just like learning to take that first difficult breath---it's something that needs done.

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Kiwirose said...

Josh, this is a beautiful, and brave post. You are committing to something big in this, and I hope you realise the gravity of it. I'm working on a reply to your email, but you gave me a lot to chew on. Be well my friend